Answers to Your Questions About Criminal Charges
You receive detailed and direct answers in plain English to questions like:
  •  Do I really need a lawyer if I intend to plead guilty?
  •  What should I expect at my first meeting with a criminal defense attorney? 
  •  How can a criminal defense attorney help me? 
  •  How will you determine whether a police search or seizure of evidence violated my 
  • rights?
  •  How does the judge decide whether to allow or suppress the evidence? 
  •  If I am offered a plea bargain, should I take it? 
  •  What rights do I give up if I agree to a plea bargain? 
  •  Can I change my mind? 
  •  The deal offered by the prosecutor includes a term of probation. How does probation 
  • work?
  •  What are some examples of common terms or conditions of probation? 
  •  What happens if I violate my probation? 
  •  Should I testify if my case goes to trial? 
  •  What happens if I am found guilty?
The booklet is free, creates no obligation on your part, and you will only receive a call from my office if you request a call.
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